Nautical Chart Wallpaper at Mapisart World Headquarters

Nautical Chart Wallpaper at Mapisart World Headquarters

Here's a step by step tutorial on how to get nautical chart wallpaper up in under 2 days. Level of difficulty: not easy, but rewarding.

1. Measure out the walls - you don't want TOO much map wallpaper as that would be too much of a good thing. We're going with a 1/2 bead board 1/2 chart wallpaper mix. One simple half wall is even better to make a profound design statment. For our bathroom, we did two of four walls.

2. Order wallpaper (from us, if you'd like!) with your favorite chart right in the middle, prominently displayed. We use a peel & stick type of paper that is very forgiving - if it's not quite right the first time just take it off and start over. It's more like a sticky note (removable) that actually will stay in place once on the wall.

 Below - Nautical chart wall paper featuring my favorite spots - New Orleans, Block island, Savannah Georgia, Bald Head Island, Maui - all dreamy places.

Nautical chart wall paper installation

3. Go to any home depot type place and get the bead board - it comes in standard 4' x 8' sheets and is about $25 per board. We're gluing ours to the wall with LOCTITE POWER GRAB all purpose Construction Adhesive. We're nailing the top of the bead board with finish nails just the adhesive can grab the panel. 

4. Paper goes on first - Start in the upper corner and work your way down. Only peel back 10" sections of the wall paper at a time. Using a hard plastic spreader, get our all the bubbles and folds until you're happy with the finish. This is really a 2-man (or woman, preferably) job and it's not going to come out perfect, but it will come out great. 

5. If you do get bubbles, which you probably will, you can pin prick them and squeeze out the air.

6. Results speak for themselves - check out the photos below and leave a comment below or email us: if you have any questions!

 Nautical Chart Wall Paper at Mapisart WHQ

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