Library Cats of America Map

Library Cats of America Map

When your wife is a librarian, you get pulled into fun, and very time consuming, but really important, projects like this -

And as I was slaving away after hours putting all 43 (Yes FOURTY THREE) library cat locations on this vintage pre-interstate USA map, I had a major breakthrough: at this time of political divisiveness and uncertainty, there is one thing we can agree on - library cats are the glue keeping our frayed nation together. Celebrate these feline heroes by visiting one in your community today.

Don't have a library cat in your area? Pack up the crossover and hit the road using this handy-dandy Library Cat Map (and your GPS - this map is out of date). Leave today. There's no time to lose. Our nation's well being depends on us all relating to how awesome library cats are! 

To download the High Resolution Library Cats of America map, click the map.  

Library Cats of America MapAnd feel free to add a comment below if this map needs to be updated or one of our feline friends is no longer working that location. 

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