Botanical Gardens of Florida Map Blanket

Our new #1: Map Blankets

We ask our customers - is it the map or is it the softness that makes these blankets so awesome? Our retailers say they're attracted to it because it's a cool local map, but they buy it because it's so plush. We agree!

In this post we'd like to show you a little sampling of some of our total faves, so here goes...

Below: Vintage 1870 Ward Map of Baltimore Blanket

Below: 1932 Map of Botanical Gardens of Florida Blanket

Botanical Garden Vintage Map of Florida

Below: Sea Glass Style Map Blanket of Marco IslandSea Glass Style Map of Marco Island

Topographical Style Map Blanket of Lake Norman

Lake Norman Map Blanket

Below: Cape and the Island Map Blanket, Sea Glass map style. LOVE! 

Cape and the Island Map Blanket

We could go on but we'll stop there.  If you want to see our blankets in person, which is the best way to buy, and support local business, view our Find a Retailer Map. If your town does not have a retailer yet and you know one that would be a great fit, contact us (trip at and we'll contact them! 

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