Global Lovolution Map

Global Lovolution Map

A good map can inspire all kinds of emotions - nostalgia, adventure, etc. - but can it start a PEACE MOVEMENT? "Yes definitely!" says Newporter Brian Sullivan, A.K.A. "Dr. Love."

Dr. Love is on a mission to make the 41st parallel a peace path by planting apple trees at four strategic points on the 41st parallel that make the Peace Sign when looking at a polar projection of the earth. Here's the official logo for the movement:

41st Parallel Lovolution logo


The concept is simple - take the 4 points of the peace sign imposed on the earth - the top most point being his hometown of Newport, Rhode Island. The "O" position is way inner China right near the Kyrgyzstan border. The "V" position is inner Mongolia in China and the "E" is an island off the Northern coast of Japan. 

He already has an apple tree planted at the Newport location at Fort Adams. For those familiar with Newport, you'll see the bridge in the background. 

Apple Peace Tree at the 41st Parallel - the "L" position on the map.

Dr. Love would like your assistance in spreading the love. If you have contacts in any of these places, or have any interest in the apple tree peace project - please be in touch with him 


Below: Dr. Love (left, with map tie) and mapisart founder Trip Wolfskehl (right) at a map party at Mapisart world headquarters. 

Dr. Love and Trip

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Excellent MapIsArt work. I love the logo of Peace & Love on Earth. The photography and artwork is professional and artistic; and, it can make a difference, bringing Peace and Love to this troubled world we want to change with Lovolution.
Brian w/Love, your Doctor thereof

Doctor Love

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