Proud to be a Multi-National

The "Buy Local" movement is fabulous - we love it. We also like to source product from all over the world - when you're searching for the BEST product the world offers, that necessitates you search the whole world - and that's exactly what we've done to bring you the more innovative and beautiful map decor available anywhere. 

Baltic birch plywood from Baltic Region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) natural marble from Turkey, lamp parts from China, printing from the People's Republic of Los Angeles - each region has so much to contribute and we're happy to bring all these artisans together for the celebration of beautiful maps.

Will this guarantee world peace? No, but when artisans come together in collaboration, they're are much less likely to shoot at each other. 

Speaking of maps, here's one of places we source our products - our goal is to bring all the countries in on this. Why are there no African countries represented here? What about South America? Just know that as you read this, we're working on spreading map love to every corner of the globe. That's why we say - "Proud to be a multi-national".


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