About Us

We like to be where fun technologies, beautiful design, and massive amounts of accurate mapping data overlap, to beautiful map objects that are creative and unexpected.

Our team

Trip WolfskehlCreative Director

Wolfskehl grew up pouring over his family’s National Geographic Atlas wondering what this whole place is about. That curiosity has grown to include other disciplines—art, industrial design, manufacturing and technology. He thinks gaining an understanding of our world through maps can help save our beautiful planet. More maps = more understanding = more love. 

Wolfskehl (left in photo below) hails from Newport, RI (a place with a strong sense of place) and loves surrounding himself with all kinds of maps from all over the world.



This is truly one of the most exciting times in human history. Thanks to new technologies that allow an unprecedented level of global collaboration and cooperation, we have OpenStreetMap, a crowd-sourced map of the world following the same model of Wikipedia. Anyone (including you!) can edit this collaborative map to make it even more accurate. For information on how to contribute your cash and or mapping expertise to this very worthy cause, please visit: OpenStreetMap Foundation. All of our maps are © OpenStreetMap contributors. For more information on copyright and use of the OpenStreetMap, please see this page.

The Watercolor map style and images presented by Mapisart are designed and created by Stamen Design using data by OpenStreetMap.

The things we make

Our products are made to be beautiful, useful, and last for years with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Like our maps, the products are made collaboratively from artisans around the world.

If you have a map product you think we should make, please be in touch. We love hearing about new product ideas!

Map Blanket: Made in USA on imported material. Any address in the world available as a "sea glass" style map with accurate street level detail and beautiful coloring.

Map Scroll: Made in USA. The "scrolls" are awesome for these 4 reasons:

  1. An inexpensive way to get big maps into your life. Our theory with maps (and art) is bigger is better
  2. The tear resistant and water proof paper will last for years. 
  3. The scroll ads an intimacy and informality, compared to a framed map behind glass.
  4. After a few years, recycle it! (all art has a shelf life, so keep it fresh!) Use the scrolls as fire starter and the map as wrapping paper. 

Map Scroll

Ladies Scarves: Made in USA on imported fabric. The 24" x 80" scarf is the perfect size for cool winter nights or hopping in and out of air conditioning. It packs down to just 5oz but will cover the entire shoulders and back. And most importantly, you'll look absolutely fabulous in the process. 

Map scarf

Neck tie: Printed in St. Louis, USA on imported fabric. This contemporary cut "skinny tie" is just wide enough to get some geography on there, but still ultra stylish. 

Table lamp: Lamp size is 20” high. Shade is 7” diameter and 9" tall. Pewter metal finish gives a clean, modern touch. Made in Los Angeles, California and China.

Mapisart is a division of Maritime Tribes.