Trivia questions answered


Question 1: Which state has the most active volcanoes? A) Alaska B) Washington C) Hawaii

Question 2: Name the only state where the first 2 letters are vowels.

Question 3: Which state is closest to The Pacific Ocean? A) Arizona B) Nevada C) Idaho

Question 4: Which state shares a border with just one other state?

Question 5: What is the Southern most state in Australia?

Question 6: Which river is longest? A) Mississippi B) Yangtze C) Danube

Question 7: The 2nd highest mountain in the world, K2, is in which 2 countries? A) Tibet and China B) China and Pakistan C) India and Pakistan

Question 8: Which two states have a tie for the most borders with other states? A) Tennessee & Missouri B) Kansas & Missouri C) Kentucky & Iowa?

Question 9: Gambia, on Africa’s Western Coast, is surrounded by what country?

Question 10: Which city is furthest south? A) Lima B) Quito C) Rio de Janeiro

Question 11: What city spans 2 continents?

Question 12. The Amazon River flows through seven countries. Name five of them.

Question 13. Which is the largest island in the Mediterranean?

Question 14: Is the tropic of cancer in the northern or southern hemisphere?

Question 15: Only 21 states have been the birthplace of a president. What state has the 2nd most Presidents?

Question 16: In 2014, which country had the 5th largest economy?

Question 17: What is the second largest US State that shares a border with Canada?

Question 18: What is the 6th largest country in land area in the world?

Question 19: Which country covers 11.5% of the earth’s land area?

Question 20: Which US State had the highest per capita income in 2014?

Question 21: What town is also the name New Jersey’s only Ivy League school?

Question 22: One out of every ________ US residents lives in California.

Question 23: Which city and country is home to Legos?

Question 24: Texas is the only state to have the flags of 6 different nations fly over it. What are those 6 nations?

Question 25: What is the smallest state capital in the USA, and the only one that does not have a McDonalds?

Question 26: In which city were Fortune Cookies invented?


Question 1 - Hawaii

Question 2 - IOWA

Question 3 - Arizona

Question 4 - Maine

Question 5 - Tasmania

Question 6 - Yangtze

Question 7 - B) China & Pakistan

Question 8) A) Tennessee & Missouri

Question 9) Senegal

Question 10) C) Rio de Janeiro

Question 11? Istanbul

Question 12 - Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Guyana.

Question 13 - Sicily

Question 14 - Northern

Question 15: Ohio

Question 16: France (Behind the United States, China, Japan and Germany.)

Question 17: Michigan with 96,713.51 square miles (Montana has 147,039!)

Question 18: Australia, behind Russia, Canada, United States, China & Brazil.

Question 19: Russia

Question 20: Maryland

Question 21: Princeton

Question 22: one out of eight Americans lives in California.

Quesiton 23: Billund, Denmark

Question 24: Texas has had the flags of Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States, and the United States.

Question 25: Montpellier, Vermont 

Question 26: San Francisco, CA

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