Designing with maps - helpful tips

Maps are tricky when used for home decor - you want to have a completely unique an interesting product, but it shouldn't be too busy and distracting - it's a fine balance, but don't fret! We can help - real human beings look at every map submitted to make sure it's going to be a beautiful final product and we'll contact you with any questions or concerns.

Here's some tips on each product so you can get the best result - but of course feel free to call (401) 419-9021 or email us with your concerns. 

Coasters & trays - as a general rule, the more map "data" you have, the better. Coasters & trays are simply art for your table, so street & town labels are recommended and the addition of a personalized cartouche is perfect for this product. This adds "stickiness" to your product and the recipient will be flattered to see their name on the product. Here's a photo of a cartouche, or a "title block" on the right. The star denotes the exact address of the location on the map - we can add the cartouche and star the address location manually for you.


Clocks - less writing is better since it can be distracting from the function of actually reading the clock, and sometimes the clock numbers will be written over a label. A simple design is recommended. Compare the clock on the left without text to the clock on the right with text. Note the "9" is overlayed on top of a street label. Not the end of the world, but something to look out for. The addition of a cartouche (see photo above) since it is placed in the lower right hand corner is unobtrusive and recommended. 

Lamps - similar to the clock - less text is probably better, but I've seen both lamps with and without text and it depends on personal preference. Note the text color is a dark grey, so when the shade is illuminated, this comes across as black. The addition of a cartouche is not recommended - too busy.

Photographic prints and wall decor - that's completely up to personal preference - but the addition of a cartouche is recommended and makes it more personalized. A frame for the photo print is recommended as it completes the product.

If you have any questions about our individual products or you need some map design help, please feel free to call us: (401) 419-9021 or email 


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